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Waves Painting by Trish Campbell


Trish Campbell


Art in all its mystery and beauty has always been a big part of my life.  After school my brothers, sisters, and I would often gather around our dining room table, and draw and write together.  Both my parents were creative people and our art brought them smiles and enhanced our family life.  This is what I think art does; it enhances life and makes us human. I hope that my art enhances the  lives of many viewers and brings smiles to many.  Minus a class every few years, I’m mostly self-taught.  I’ve learned the most I think, through scary critiques!

I find I tend to meander around and around, and so I’ve learned to gather up my courage and ask for input.  My award winning work has shown in galleries, stores, and a museum in Florida, as well as in galleries and stores in California.   As a former President of the Lompoc Valley Art Association and current member of the Lompoc Ten Artist group, I am excited to be growing, exploring, and continually learning.  And so as we all journey on, I hope to interpret the beauty and fun of the universe on my canvas in accord with the One who spoke it all into existence! 

Please visit the Lompoc Valley Art Association Cypress Gallery to see many paintings of our local artists.