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Patriotic Lithograph

This lithograph by Mr. Hansen
was donated by Ken Shields,
owner of Collectors Gallery West -
510 W. Ocean Avenue, Lompoc.

Proceeds from the raffle of concert artwork directly
benefits the Lompoc Pops Orchestra.
Thanks Ken, for your generous contribution!

Howard E. Hansen

Harold E. Hansen has completed over 1,500 paintings since 1968. An evolution of style and technique is evident in his work over the years. His early works were done over gesso-coated illustration board. This technique is evident in the textured brush strokes most noticeable in the skies of the paintings. His more recent paintings have been done on paper.

Though Hansen in continuing to paint the Wisconsin landscapes for which he is best known, his subjects have ranged from the dunes of Cape Code and Cape Hatteras, to the steamboats on the Mississippi, and adobe buildings of New Mexico. Hansen has portrayed people, animals, wild flowers, old machinery, and hot air balloons. Several of his paintings have been as large as 40 x 60 inches and as small as 2 x 2 inches. He has won many awards in miniature competitions around the country.

Hansen has also done 40 editions of stone lithographs since 1981. He completed the early editions in collaboration with John Gruenwald of Milwaukee, and has since produced several editions on his own press. In March of 1998, he again collaborated with Gruenwald to produce his largest stone lithograph to date, which depicts one of the lions in front of the Art Institute of Chicago. Hansen has his stone lithographic press set up in the gallery, and hopes that it will be helpful in educating people about the process of stone lithography. His is particularly pleased with this aspect, considering the fact that the gallery is opening during the 200th anniversary of the invention of stone lithography.

In 1990 Hansen introduced a collection of 46 surrealistic pieces done over a period of six years. The show held at the Posner Gallery in Milwaukee was very enthusiastically received by the public and critically acclaimed by Milwaukee Journal critic, James Auer. Nearly all of these works were done on paper, and many were mixtures of several mediums such as transparent watercolor, acrylic, pencil and gold leaf. The stone lithograph “Ghost Writer” was from this collection and was printed in black ink over gold leaf. He is continuing to work in this style as well as that of his more traditional pieces.

Hansen was born in Rush County, Indiana in 1943. He attended the Herron School of Art, Indianapolis, Indiana, and moved to Wisconsin in 1965. He is an ongoing student of the history of art and architecture, and especially enjoys visiting art museums and reading biographies of artists.

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